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Through the creation of manga, Futago Studio aims to entertain the readers of the new era with fun and daring stories. We have worked with this goal since the foundation of the studio in December 2009. We believe that through the manga, we not only entertained but also overcome the cultural and market barriers in this vast country. We hope to expand more and more to conquer more hearts that love manga and anime and contribute to everyone's happiness.


Boys Love

Tsumi meets Daiji on Christmas Eve in Mekata. Tsumi wants to be a music star as his idol, Muyami. Daiji, on the other hand, is fleeing from Muyami, who is his father. But the two are cursed by a Ghost Stained Glass! Will they be able to overcome this curse and live their dreams and the love they have for each other? Follow this BL with mood of music and mystery!

The Prince of the Mega Seller

Comedy / investigation

After the success of The Prince of the Best Seller, the Futago Studio features: The Prince of the Mega Seller! Theodore, Pedro, Max and the great writer Paulo Lebre are back in a new adventure even more hilarious and mysterious! This time everyone goes to an island where great writers get together, but there is a killer among them who can be anyone! Do not miss this new adventure!

Boy X 

Boys Love/yaoi-doctor

Dr. Ellie is a young psychiatrist who is assigned the task of caring for a patient without memory, nicknamed the Boy X. For this, he is obliged to return to his hometown, where he vowed never to return. There, Ellie falls in love, but is torn between love, ethics and the mysterious past that comes to the fore.

The Prince of the Best Seller

Manga Non-BL

Is it possible to learn how to write a best seller and still unravel a mystery? Follow this fun adventure in the craziest school in the world!